Forever have the orcs roamed the lands of this world in nomadic tribes, searching for the perfect place to settle down. Upon reaching Garoleth, the orcs decided they liked it, but soon discovered that others did as well.

Lifespan Around 120 years
Civilization Primitive
Alignment Evil

Orcs start with a pickaxe, an Orc axe, a wooden buckler and a sleeping bag. One will also start with a single stone.

  • Above average strength, below average agility, and very low intelligence.
  • Start with above average weapon skills.
  • At level 40 gain stances (!)

  • Available Stations
    • Smelter
    • Forge
    • Carpentry
    • Masonry
    • Leatherworks
    • Bonecraft
    • Poisoncraft
    • Melter

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