The ferocious tribes of Lizardmen have resided in the lands of Garoleth since their beginnings. Life within the tough swamps of the world has led them to be cunning, ferocious and cautious, as well as leading to many adaptations due to need for them. It is your mission to hunt down the interlopers to this realm, and reclaim your birthright.

These units start with: A Quality Tier Spear, A sleeping bag, and one piece of wood between the three of them.

  • Able to regrow lost limbs over time, Immunity to poison, Ability to poison units while melee attacking them
  • Above-Average Strength, Average Agility, Average Intelligence
  • Eat Raw Meat
  • Can Create Bone (Up to supernatural) and Chintin Armor
  • Unique Walls, Bridges, And floors give a Tribal feeling
  • Great race to begin with. Allows a more slack play feel so you get to know the game easier.

Available Stations

  • Poisoncraft
  • Bonecraft
Lifespan Around 70 Years
Civilization Low (Tribal)
Alignment Evil-Neutral
  • Leatherworking
  • Carpentry
  • Melter