Humans in DM are a splinter group from the vast Empire, come to Garoleth to spread their civilization.

These units start with a leather chestplate and leggings, a pickaxe, an axe, a dagger, and a sleeping bag.

  • Average stat gains
  • Weaponskill Cap +50
  • Learn weaponskills faster
  • Can use Farmland to plant Tomatoes, Garlic and Grapes
  • Can make Silver armor and weapons
  • Can make Crystal Armor and Swords
  • Can place ArrowSlits in walls
  • Available Stations
    • Carpentry
    • Smelter
    • Melter
    • Masonry
    • Alchemy (!)
    • Kitchen
    • Gemcraft
    • Leatherworks
    • Forge
Lifespan Around 125 years
Civilization Advanced
Alignment Good

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