Gremlins are fast, dirty, swarming scavengers scouring the realm for anything and everything to eat. A gremlin's only goal is to eat enough so that a new gremlin is born. The gremlin shamans do not know how this process works.

These units start with just a quality Gremlin spear, and one will start with a single stone.

Lifespan About 70 years
Civilization Somewhat Civilized
Alignment Chaotic Neutral

  • Reproduce exclusively by eating at night. A new gremlin pops right out of the original.
  • Average Strength, Average Agility, Below-Average Intelligence
  • Can Create Gremlin gear out of ANYTHING.
  • Gremlins will eat ANYTHING NOT EQUIPPED if hungry.
  • Do not share food between other gremlin units. Grem grems are covetous of their numnums.

Available Stations

  • Bonecraft

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