Frogmen have been at war with the lizardmen over control of the swamps for as long as anyone can remember. Every day, there is mass bloodshed.

These units start with: A Quality Tier Spear, A sleeping bag, and one piece of wood between the three of them.

Lifespan About 110 years
Civilization Low (Tribal)
Alignment Neutral
  • Immunity to poison. Abe to poison units by skin contact.
  • Average Strength, Above-Average Agility, Low Intelligence
  • Eat Raw Meat
  • Can Create Bone and Chitin Armor
  • Unique Walls, Bridges, And floors give a Tribal feeling

Available Stations

  • Poisoncraft
  • Bonecraft
  • Leatherworking
  • Carpentry
  • Melter

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