Elves in Garoleth are not your typical woodland treehuggers. Garolethian wood elves believe the forest belongs to them to do with as they please, and all outsiders in their territory are interlopers to be dealt with harshly. These units start with a wooden chestplate and leggings, a pickaxe, and a wooden axe.

  • Has the subrace "Wood Elf", which means they cannot gain further subraces
  • Above Average agility and intellect gains
  • Can eat raw meat
  • Don't need to sleep
  • Highest chance to birth children with magical aptitude
  • Can make wooden armor and weapons (!)
  • Aptitude for bows
  • Elven bows do far more damage than bows made by other races
  • Can build thorny walls which damage attackers
  • Available Stations
    • Leatherworking
    • Carpentry (!)
    • Melter

Lifespan Around 1700 years
Civilization Low
Alignment Neutral

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