Donating To Establish Your Clan

First of all, to permanently establish your clan on the server with the clan armor options to the right, the amount is 12$. You can donate through Paypal by clicking this link: Donate to Garoleth!

You and your entire clan will have access to crafting the armor sets from a forge and metal ingots, and the capes/cloaks with spider silk at a leatherworking station.

You have the option of adding a tapestry for your clan when donating, and the options are listed in the following picture:


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Clan Bases

Clan Bases and Clan Armor/Tapestries are SeparateEdit

Donating for clan bases or clan armor gets you one or the other, not both. You can donate for each of them separately to get both, however.

What if I don't like the available icons?Edit

You have the option of either providing your own icons, which will reduce the price to 10$, or commissioning me to provide new icons for your clan which will increase the price to 15$. Commissioning a new icon set will extend the time until your icons are added by one day.